Shakespeare-VR is an open source educational tool for instructors to use when integrating virtual reality into their instruction material. To offer instructors some examples the team at Shakespeare-VR has created a handful of modules to serve as examples for how VR can be used to supplement traditional teaching methods. The modules contain a lesson plan and a worksheet that can be implemented using the video files available for free here on the Shakespeare-VR site.

Module 1

The first lesson we have available is a comparative analysis between three different productions. In this lesson, students will study the physical aspects of Elizabethan theater with the goal of learning how to identify and assess the functions of space, medium, and performance choices in Shakespearean drama. The lesson centers on a virtual reality tour of the American Shakespeare Center Blackfriars Playhouse and three different productions of the “to be or not to be” soliloquy: a film, a filmed theatrical production, and a virtual reality production.

The lesson plan for the first lesson can be accessed here.

The worksheet for the first lesson can be accessed here.